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Management of patients with von Willebrand disease

In patients with VWD, the goal of treatment is to correct the dual defect of haemostasis, i.e. the prolonged bleeding time due to the abnormal platelet adhesion and the abnormal intrinsic coagulation pathway due to low FVIII levels. There are three treatments of choice in VWD:

  •  Desmopressin (antidiuretic, vasopressin analogue)
  • Tranexamic acid
  • VWF/FVIII concentrate

Which treatment to choose depends on the type of disease that the patient has, and how severe it is. Most patietns will have mild von Willebrand disease, and only require treatment during surgery, a dental visit, or injury. Most persons with type 1 von Willebrand disease and some with type 2A and 2M respond to desmopressin treatment, whereas persons with type 3 VWD do not.







Page updated: 2016-06-17