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Treatment with factor concentrates can either be given on demand when a bleeding occurs, or prophylactically in order to prevent the bleeding from occurring in the first place. In severe forms of VWD there are profound reasons for choosing prophylactic treatment. Treatment results from e.g. Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands show that prophylactic treatment of haemophilia initiated at an early age, can prevent joint damage and improve the quality of life.

Hence, leading researchers in the field recommend prophylaxis for most of the type 3 patients with VWD and also for certain patients with other subtypes. Prophylaxis should start at an early age in order to prevent the development of joint damages. For prophylactic treatment approx. 30 IU per kg bodyweight three times per week is recommended. The physician might, however, adapt the level in accordance to the individual patient depending on how he or she respond upon the treatment.

Page updated: 2019-02-05