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Three types of von Willebrand disease

There are three types of VWD characterising the severity of the disease:

Type 1 is caused by a reduced concentration of VWF. According to certain studies, approx. 1% of the population suffers from type 1 VWD. Type 1 is difficult to diagnose, since changes in the VWF levels can be very subtle and are influenced by several factors, such as blood group, stress, hormones, etc.

Type 2 is caused by a defect of VWF and is a more uncommon condition. Moreover, there are several subtypes of type 2.

Type 3 implies a total lack of VWF in combination with drastically decreased amounts of coagulation factor VIII. This condition is very serious, but only affects 1 in 500 000 of all people with VWD.

Page updated: 2016-06-17