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It is difficult to diagnose VWD and it requires an expert's analysis in order to secure the diagnosis. If you suspect that you have VWD, you should talk to your doctor and ask to be put in contact with one of the coagulation centres in your country. There your diagnosis can be determined and guidelines for further treatment can be established.

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Questions and answers

I bruise easily, is this normal?

Bruises can occur spontaneously or after trauma. In particular, bruises that occur after minor or what appears to be no trauma at all, could be a sign of a coagulation defect, especially von Willebrand disease or reduced platelet function. Protruding bruises can be a sign of a bleeding disorder, while normal bruises, especially on the arms and legs, are usually quite normal.

Can heavy menstruation be a sign of von Willebrand disease?

Menstruation that is experienced as heavy by the individual is not necessarliy excessive from a strict medical point of view. However, if the bleeding is such that it affects everyday life, it can be a sign of, for example, von Willebrand disease.

If I often have nose bleeds, can it be a symptom of von Willebrand disease?

Nose bleeds are common during the childhood, and can occur in the absence of any underlying coagulations deficiency. If the problem persists into the teens or adulthood, it can be a sign of a coagulation deficit, such as von Willebrand disease.

I have mild form of von Willebrand disease. Should I avoid taking aspirin at menstruation?

Asprin can affect the platelets, and can thus give a slightly increased bleeding tendency. With mild form of von Willebrand disease it is usually not a problem to take aspirin. If you think that you have good effect of the tablets, you should continue to take them. However, should you get increased bleedings, it is advised to contact your doctor and discuss the issue. You can turn to the nearest Coagulation Centre for advise.

View link with contact details to the three Coagulation Centres in Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg

I have probably mild form of von Willebrand disease. How long time does a clinical investigation take? And how is it performed?

The investigation involves a few blood samplings and takes about 15 minutes. The samples are sent to a Koagulation centre. If the results imply that you have von Willebrand disease, you will be called for further information and a few more blood samplings. In case of very mild disease, or in particular, if it is already wellknown in the family - a visit might not even be necessary. Thus a quite simple procedure.